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Wolf caves May 29-31


Well-known member
Aug 3, 2013
Rolled out 4 am with my trailer loaded down with the buggy and the tj, not even 5 minutes from my house sketchy calls me says he has a blow out on his truck get his position and determined I'm about an house from him.

Tell him to take a nap and I'll be there soon. I get going make it to him only 2 block out of my way, I have a spare and tools to do the work. We get the tire changed and get off the freeway as traffic was picking up in Houston.

We get to a parking lot change the other tire to the same size so no issues with his diff. Had to chop 10" out of his exhaust cause it was damaged. Both of my spares were laow on air so we limp it down the feeder to Buckeyes to get some air. Get everything situated paired up and some ice and snacks and we part ways he went to pick up his girl in Austin. So 3 hrs later I'm leaving Katy area heading to wolf caves. We both roll in about 2pm get checked in unloaded and hit the trails. We did some good trails for a friday nothing g hard just some sight seeing as this was a shake down run for both rigs.

We get back to camp as it gets dark get dinner going beer boiled brats stuffed with cheese wrapped in bacon grilled over the fire in buns with caramelized onion.

I wake up about midnight to the struggle buggy and his buddies rolling in, go back to sleep and get up about 8 get breakfast going, eggs bacon tortillas salsa. We all get fed get loaded up and start rolling we lost the struggle buggy before we made it to the offroad portion. Apparently he forgot to tighten his lug nuts when he installed the new d44 Rubicon axle. Solved that issue and got to wheeling dis slot of the green trails some yellow and I managed a few reds in my buggy. Everyone got a chance to drive.my buggy, we wheeled all day with only minor issues until I broke an oil line .

Motor mounts are worn and allow the engine to flop alot so it worked a hole in the line. Left it on the trail went into town as struggle buggy started dinner, got some oil for the buggy went back out found buggy put oil in it and baked it back to camp stopping occasionally to put more oil in.

Luckily no damage to the engine she still runs and drives. Well enough to go back out the 17th of July.