Wolf Caves 12/28/2022


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Jul 8, 2013
Went to Wolf Caves today, Leroy met me there and rode with me. We wheeled most of the new Lonestar trail, watched some other rigs on a yellow trail beside T-rex. only got 1 pic, and some video.. I'll work on editing the video.

Jeep did good for the first part then the steering got all catywampus and wanted to start binding up in 4lo with the front locked or unlocked.. got so bad I could hardly turn it. felt like the ARB was not unlocking. a normal 2 point turn turned into a 15 pt turn trying to get around a boulder on a down hill. once I got back down to level ground we just cruised around the ranch roads on 2WD for a bit then called it a day. Called the Jeep Dealer when I got home and asked if any issues with the Gladiator steering acting up in 4lo. he said no, not on the gladiators.. now I gots to figger out whats up with my steering. .


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