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What did you work on today?

Bunker Buster

Well-known member
Jul 12, 2013
I'm thrashing to get ready for the Longhorn next weekend. Re-adjusting the valves on the Scout, bolt check, putting the body panels back on, top off fluids, replacing a bad air bump, welding in shoulder harness tabs, replacing propane line, dialing in the timing and greasing wheel bearings.


Well-known member
Jul 11, 2013
Been totally out of it with the sudden death of my father in law. However I'm trying like hell to make katemcy we rock run. I assembled all of my kr3 bfgs and trail gear beadlocks. Started to look at rear brakes as im converting to disk brakes and found out why they aren't working. Brake pads are shot and springs aren't even connected to certain areas that need to be... just a mess. Also have a new battery holder and fire extinguisher mounts. Can't wait for this run!


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Well-known member
Aug 12, 2013
Did a bolt check, fluid check, changes the spark plugs, on the little zuk and installed hand throttle like I have on the buggy. Looking forward to Sat and taking the pile of bolts trail riding.



Well-known member
Jul 12, 2013
Had my son washer the Polaris, it was filthy from all the donuts Saturday night. No beer was involved.

Been knocking stuff out at the house and doing maintenance. Finally have my front gate buttoned up and time to move onto finishing out the driveway that way I can start on the shop after that My buddy came over and helped me wire and mount a light on a photocell. Having trouble shooting issues since the photocell isn’t working properly so I’ll give it another go today.

I’m going to start planning for WE Rock weekend. Need to add a few parts to the Jeep to get a little more road worthy.

I’d like to take the TH350 to get rebuilt in the next couple of weeks. Hope to have the Blazer running again by the fall.



Jul 10, 2013
Got my junk mobile again for first time in 4 months. Going to get the garage back in order the next few evenings and then hopefully button up all the small items next weekend and have it back on the road again. Hoping to hit the rocks again in May possibly, if not then in the Fall for sure.


Staff member
Jul 8, 2013
ordered more stuff for the LJ, lifters, wires, plugs, knock sensor delete plate.