TDRA Rock and Roll 225


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Jul 13, 2013
Sorry for being lazy. I just copy/paste from facebook. Lol. That's why people are tagged.

Well, now that the adrenaline has faded and dust has settled, I can, maybe, put together a coherent race recap. Let's see how it goes.
After procrastinating for hours prior to leaving for the course, we got on the road late Friday morning. Fighting rain the whole way heading west. KNOWING it was going to get rained out. Got out to the track to an overcast sky, threatening to rain but held off. Got unloaded and got the car through tech. Suited up and headed out on a prerun lap. Made it pretty uneventful. Track conditions were pretty epic. Went out on a second lap and timed it, just to see. Got back with 8 minutes til the driver's meeting.
Got in the tent for bed just as it started to rain. It was a soothing rain. My son got in around 1230am Saturday morning and my codriver got in around 0130am. Woke up around 0700 and started the hunt for coffee. HUGE THANKS to Gina Stewart Clayton for the froo froo coffee!!! Gathered up a few Class 5 cars with Shanon Parks and Christian Reich for a photo op before staging for a 1030 launch. We started 4th out of 5 in out class.
Lap 1, was pretty smooth. We got passed by the guy behind us. No biggie. We passed the first guy, on the side of the track, tending to their car. Passed the guy that launched in front of me. NICE!! Lap 2 lead to dropping my codriver who had been suffering from back issues. While letting him out, I jumped out to go pee. YAY COFFEE AND ELECTROLITE DRINKS!!!!!!😖😖 Took off on lap 3 solo. So, the car handles different without a codriver... and it's faster when I don't have to worry about someone else's comfort.... lol. Side note, just after RM 6, caught a mesquite tree and all of the sudden, I didn't have front brakes. Oops....... Passed the 2nd place launch guy on the side of the track, tending to issues. Ended lap 3 and picked up a newbie codog. First time in a race. He had prerun with me before though. Started lap 4 ready to GO!!!! Uneventful 4th lap. Ended 5th lap taking fuel. I think my pick-up tube in the fuel cell has migrated up. I kept have fuel delivery issues after cornering or braking hard. 6th lap was uneventful but I had noticed attrition had been taking its toll. Several cars of all classes scattered about the course. 7th lap was smooth. Started lap 8 with the last of my fuel. Grrrrrrrr I HAVE A 3/4 FULL TANK!!!!! By the end of lap 8, we could only count 3 other cars still "in the race". The guy in 1st place, the 10 car that passes me in lap 1. 😬 and 2 aircooled cars. Lap 9 was exciting!!! Counted down RM by RM 25, 24, 23, 22......2, 1 to roll through the finish line with my daughter Caroline Mitchell waving the checker for us!!! How exciting!!! As soon as we broke the back side of the finish line, the car died. Out of gas? HOW?!?! Huge shout to Dale Hodges for bring me Haskel Wright and Garrett Wright fuel can. Hahaha. (In the last pic, yes, we were technically off the track, it curved left behind my car.) Splashed those 6ish gallons and loaded the car on the trailer. What a day....... what a race...... what an EPIC WEEKEND!!!!

Thanks to Trey Palreiro and Robert Stamper for putting on the awesome event!

Thanks to Tom St. Peter and his crew for setting up and cleaning up the course.



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Jul 8, 2013
Awesome!! Glad you had a good race. :thumbsup: Congrats on 2nd place and keeping the car together. :rock: