Semi Built Toyota Axles


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Jul 20, 2013
Ive got a set of semi built yota axles. The front has 5.29 gears, lock rite locker, TG diff guard, high steer, 2” wheels spacers, TG Creeper Flanges and stock axle shafts. The rear has 5.29 gears, spool, TG diff guard, 2” wheel spacers, disc brake conversion and stock axle shafts. Will need all new brake pads and possibly calipers unless you can rebuild them yourself. They are located in Sanger, TX 76266. Asking $2500 OBO for them. Was gonna run them on the new buggy but going a different route. I do have the lug nuts for the front spacers. Just forgot to put them on before I took pics of the axles.B0E6ACA1-C253-47CF-B3D3-62E0D6B59A64.jpegB5E2990B-B343-43F0-8C18-A2B22401D038.jpegB0568438-769E-460A-BC06-8C1AEF376188.jpegB65BB2D8-5F2D-4CDF-9FB1-BD90CE7B7FAD.jpeg