New truck help…


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Jul 5, 2015
Looking to order a new daily/tow rig but got myself a head scratcher. New 3/4 and 1ton diesel cost the same a house so that’s our and I drive 80+ miles a day so 12mpg(gas) is out.
That leaves me with midsize trucks for the most part, most can tow 7,000+. Here’s a few ideas I been kicking around and why.

B964B402-7B3F-46BD-857C-E76368FB2E03.jpegChevy express 2500 or 3500 with 2.8 duramax. Can haul my Land Cruiser and get decent mpg as a daily, plenty of room for family and dog. Also and be a camper at the trailhead.
7C326104-2602-4D2E-A357-4C49C400EDCF.jpegJeep gladiator with ecodiesel. Love my Jeep’s so the thought of hauling my rig with the top and doors off is just plane fun.
19356399-BF91-490F-A995-E239FD21F987.pngF-150 4x4 with 3.0 powerstroke. Only fulllsize pickup I been considering also oddly the best mpg and almost 30mile to the gallon. Will also have the highest tow rating
531BEBF8-48CF-43ED-8A97-1355E83B0288.jpegRanger tremor. Smallest on the list but rated at 7,500 towing. Decent mpg and small enough to be a good daily in the city.


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Jul 8, 2013
Towing reviews on the gladiator are not so good.

The Van IMHO would probably be good, good multi use platform.