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Jul 8, 2013
updates are at the bottom...

So my goal is to be @ 250lbs on Feb 16th 2015 on -1000 Calories per day. I'll try to keep this updated daily. I don't know which will be harder.. this or quitting smoking.. as I have to do both.. or start growing flowers.

cj7 - 10-17-2013 08:29 AM

Well I blew the diet to hell n gone last weekend.. but it was worth it.

On another note, I am beginning to notice a slight difference in how things fit.. for the better..

cj7 - 11-16-2013 09:34 PM

update: still going

Joined a gym. first workout tomorrow, Will be getting a trainer for the first month or so..

I'm inherently lazy, I'd much rather sit on the deck, with a smoke and a glass of Tequila. But I also plan to be wheeling when I'm 80.. So the gym and get myself in shape it is.

Tried Tai Chi, Could not get into it. The meditation does not work for this white boy.

Counting calories sucks.

cj7 - 11-19-2013 08:04 PM

First session went well. Main focus with the trainer will be strength conditioning. Cardio will be done before and after our sessions.

to meet my goal, I need to drop 2 lbs per week.


worked out with an over grown bungi cord. Squats, triceps, Lats... stuff I can do when out wheeling or camping.

Also did 3 sets of pushups, 10 min on treadmill.

FYI, that bungi cord will make you sweat..


got busy.. slacked off with the workouts.. walking more though. fiest is slowly getting better. Tigger has a eleven day flush the system plan starting on Saturday with a dietician, she registered me for..


Started a Food Detox 11 day program with Tigger. Drink an Elixir in the morning with a healthy breakfast. then a salad or something for Lunch, then a healthy dinner. Last nights dinner was Veggie Taco filling, which consisted of sweet potatoes, bell peppers, and two or three other veggies. Was actually pretty tasty. Brought some leftovers for lunch today. the Elixir is supposed to help flush the toxins out of your liver.


Day two of no smoking..

Started the week off with a new fitbit to count steps.. Wed nigh was over 4k. Tues was 3300, Monday was 2800. Thur night. 2900.


Day four of no smoking..

Been lazy this weekend.. grouchy also..


Day five of no smoking..

got a might tipsy last night.. kinda made an ass of myself.. time to layoff the booze for a while.


day six of no smoking..

working on more distance in walking today and this week.. Hitting up the river walk with Tigger this evening after work.


day seven of no smoking.. working late today.. just been adding up steps going around the building. I'm hongry too


Day Ten of no smoking

The urges come and go but so far I'm staying strong.

Sold the seats for Tiggers Toy today to a guy building a Toyota :)


Day eleven of no smoking.

sold the motor and trans from Tiggers Toy today.

did some shopping afterwards, Looking for a good treadmill. the ones on Craigslist I have seen ain't too hot IMO.

Went over to SAK5's for chicken dinner.. Came home, did some laundry, went to Walmart, bought some groceries, made chicken fajita taquitos for Tigger when she got home from A town.


Day 12 of no smoking.

Had breakfast and got a haircut.. Been feeling off this morning. Seems like the longer I have not smoked the worse I feel at times..


Day thirteen of no smoking...

Juana's divorce is final today, papers are signed. woot!!

DirectTV is supposed to be installed today.. Will have Sunday NFL ticket & HD. plus the additional boxes are wireless.


Day fifteen of no smoking.

Joined freedom fitness Tuesday evening. Worked out last night for the first time. Looking forward to making this a habit again.

Called Al's formal wear about tux rentals. going over there to get measured / fitted.

Talked to Casey Howell about wedding photography. Supposed to meet with him next week @ the Thirsty Horse. I has a feeling he is expensive.


Day sixteen of no smoking

heading to Lubbock tonight with Tigger. bringing back the lil red dodge pickup.

got measured, and fitted for my Tux yesterday.

sure am glad today is friday..


Day nineteen of no smoking

Went to Lubbock over the past weekend with Juana and Lala. Picked up Lil Red and brought her back home. she now is all legal with Texas ta,g, stickers and title.

Still doing my freaking taxes...


Day twenty of no smoking.

Finished taxes and faxed to IRS yesterday..refund for one year, owed for the other..

Getting a checkup at the Dr this morning. After the Doc going to meet Tigger and get our marriage license.


Day twenty one of no smoking

another day in the office :) Helping Reuben finish up calendaring.


Day twentyTwo of no smoking

We to Jared Jewelers last night to order our rings. Went through the whole speil, walked into the office, sat down and reached back for my wallet and no wallet.. turns out I left it at work. LOL... talk about a DOH moment. going bacjk this evening on the way to the Thirsty Horse.

Meeting Dale, Debbie, Casey and some other friends there tonight. going to talk with Casey about doing the Wedding Photography.


Day twenty four of no smoking

went by Jareds last night, the sales lady was off. Going back on Saturday after we deliver the axles to Gorilla in Austin.

I bought Juana a engagement necklace last night.. she likes it a lot :)

Went to the Thirsty Horse last night for a little relaxation and libation. Met with Casey, he will be doing our Wedding photography.

Yesterday was Juana's last day with SARA. ( San Antonio River Authority ) She starts with Texas A&M ( Teaching @ TEEX ) on Monday.

Eric's daughter Shelby and my granddaughter Madison will be the Flower Girls for the wedding...


Day 28 of no smoking

Tuesday here @ Newtek...

Tigger is in College Station for New Employee Training

Rings were shipped yesterday, they should be here tomorrow or Thursday..

Planning on going top the gym later tonight.. but we have a meeting at 6 PM. those usually last till 9:30 or so. my legs are swollen bad.. retaining way too much water, Been really watching my sodium intake and cutting back on breads, etc.. I didn't get this way overnight.. its not going away overnight.. :/

had some Sample wedding Invitations made yesterday.. did not like how they came out.. going to work on different ones today..


Day 36 of no smoking

Been busy with Wedding planning, etc..

Invitations came in today. Got some addressed. got the Judge reserved for the Wedding

Had some Tequila last night.. Oh Damn

Feel like I have gained a lot of weight, tho I think it is mostly from water retention. my ankles are badly swollen.. I have to get up more often and move more.

Got some bad news from Mari about Grace ( my ex ) Seems she has colon cancer and it is pretty bad. had spread to her lungs and the mass on her colon was pretty big. she told me the Doctor told them that it is spread out of the colon and is not curable. they will operate on Tuesday and after recovery she will start chemo. Depending on how chemo goes, it will determine how long she has left. Doc said 1 -2 years.


Day 48 of no smoking

Been a lot happening and I been slacking in keeping the Blog updated.

Wedding plans and getting things arranged are in full swing. Juana's Sisters Lupe and Mary are taking charge and getting everything organized, Mostly Lupe but Mary is very involved also.

Went to Edith's Wedding ( Juana's niece ) She had a Catholic Priest. After the wedding was over, I caught him when leaving and talked to him about doing our wedding, he said he could..I said woohoo.. so we went over to his house last Thursday and met with him for two hours, went over all the rules, filled out the paperwork and paid him. for us to be married in the Church I have to be confirmed. So We went yesterday and I had my first communion and my Confirmation. Now I have to take the lessons, etc. the Wedding will now be a full on Catholic Wedding with Mass and all. in addition Juana wanted to coins and Lasso part. [video=youtube;6ZodIys9XnY][/video] so that will be a part of it also smokin

The Groomsmen are taking their time getting measured for the vests and ties.. LOL... I think they are enjoying me sweat..


Day 63 of no smoking

Wedding plans are getting finalized, things are all falling into place nicely. Just heard from My Brother that he is making the trip down from Colorado. :beerchug: ain't seen him in several years.

Everything is paid for, except the Photographer and the food that will be cooked for the reception.

that's all for now...


Day 69 of no smoking

Six days till the wedding. things are getting a tad more busier. Hired Mnms brother Bear to do some yard work in the back and he has done a great job, really looking good now.

Juana got the salad from Guillermo's, and a flushing port a potty.

Reddog and the Midnighters gave me a surprise Bachelor's party at SAK5's house last Sat night. that was awesome and I was surprised. good turnout too. Beer Bong was in action, damn that beer flows through there. :wierdo: much appreciated.

Got a Bachelor \ Bachelorette party planned for 9 - 12 Thursday night at the thirsty Horse Saloon. Friday reception, Saturday Wedding.. Lordy its gonna get busy..


Happy Halloween :)

Day 108 of no smoking..

Been a while since I've updated this. Been busy with the Wedding, Recuperation after the Wedding, busy at work with a upcoming email conversion to Exchange and rolling out Exchange on November 8th and 9th. of this year.

The Wedding turned out fabulous. Juana's sister Lupe was in charge of all the arrangements and planning and she did a most excellent job. We had Rain on Friday... and again on Saturday.. for a while there we were worried the weather would not clear up in time, but it did and turned out perfect. Had a nice gathering.. 82 was the unofficial headcount. Check out the pics and video's below..

pics are here --




I'll get the rest of the videos uploaded soon..

Day 141 of no smoking.. Looks like I got this whupped.

Happy New Year 2015!!!

2014 Was a great year... and a very busy year with lots going on for Juana and I both.

I have even better expectations for 2015. and those plans include lots more wheeling.. and going wheeling places I have not been too as well as the ones I have been too.

1.6.15 - first night of the new year in the Gym. working on Cardio mainly. Need to get my stamina and my wind back.. I am getting winded way to easily nowadays..

3.26.15 - first time back to dance class since 2010. Tigger and I are taking Tejano \ Cumbia classes for 6 weeks. Forgot how much I enjoyed taking dance class.

4.6.2015 - Ordered a Total Gym fit pjnline and it arrived today. Looking forward to setting it up and working out on it tonight. Its the one Chuck Norris advertises.

got my very first GoPro today. purchased off eBay last week. Came with 4 Batteries and a dual charger. getting ready for Tree's Ranch this coming weekend. also got two 64GB MicroSD cards for it.


Sad News first. Harley and Melissa died in a Car accident on June 26th. I still can't believe it.. I been having a hard time with that.

Better news now.. Started smoking again back in May of this year. yeah I know.. Bad juju.. Just really frustrated with my self for gaining weight like I did when I quit smoking last year.

Been remodeling the house.. that's been one hell of an adventure. Never could find a contractor, that was affordable. One of Juanas friends at work uses a guy for odd jobs, so we got him. I think he got overwhelmed and did not really understand how to move forward. so I finished the shower and toilet install. Still have to plumb the shower drain, install the shower doors, find and buy a sink cabinet and sink with hardware, then finish out the floor.

Best News. Today is my last day to smoke again.

3.11.17 - smoke free for 7 days now. it ain't been easy. used Chantix to help. taking weeks vacation to wrench on the jeep. see what all I can get accomplished.

7.12.17 Starting Keto

Quit smoking (again) on July 9th 2017 - today begins my 4th week.

Still doing keto, I have lost 15 lbs in 18 days...

8.5.17 - down 22 lbs. :grin:

10/10/2017 - 3 months on Keto Down 30 lbs
3 months no smoking
1 month doing stronglifts 5x5 at the gym.

best I have felt in years.. :)

Still smoke free. :)
Still lifting heavy. Up to 195 on Squats, 175 Deadlift, 90 OHP, 135 Rows, 135 Bench
twinged my back last night. I think I did not do enough stretching and loosening up before doing the weights. Had to stop early. Gonna hit it again tonight after a good warmup stretching period.
Weight loss stalled, but not bad. I think i'm replacing fat with muscle. Still have a lot of weight to lose though.

Ordered Fuel Cell, Radiator with shroud and fans for the CJ. Fans and shroud came in today. Looks like its time to unload the Jeep from the trailer.

Started getting out sponsor requests for the raffle at Spring Fling


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Jul 8, 2013
tks, Jeff.

I went over on the calories today.. 2025 so far. Eric picked up lunch and brought a brownie too... I never look a gift brownie in the eye.. ( damn that sounds so wrong ) taking off and see what the evening holds...


Jul 8, 2013
Evening killed it but it was a great dinner with Bobby and Darlene .... start again today !


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Jul 8, 2013
thanks, John...

yeah, last night was Porterhouse T bone, Corn, Greenbeans.. two Budlight Draft. .. sigh.. but it sure was tasty.. LOL

So far today I'm at 781, damn... gotta walk more so I can eat more.. hijole'


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Jul 8, 2013
this counting calories thing blows, some days are better than others. I am slowly getting away from the diet sodas, and drinking more water. walking more, tho somedays it don't seem like it. the weather cooling off, sure was nice. thanks, Evan, I am sticking with it. I know it will get easier as time goes by.. but damn its hard to pass up good steaks.. LOL

Blazer Killer

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Jul 11, 2013
Counting calories and keeping the fat grams to only 9 a day is tough in the beginning, soon it will become second nature. Walk, Walk, Walk


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Jul 12, 2013
Forget counting calories. Exercise and eat right vato. I gave up on that counting calories crap, but have more or less good idea where I should be since some days I workout twice. Those cokes and ciggys are killers. Save the calories for the important stuff like beer drinking :D


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Mar 20, 2014
So less than a year left, How are you doing? Only takes 6 weeks to form a new habit, from what I hear. From what I read in your opening line your looking for a lifestyle change. Has your life changed?


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Jul 8, 2013
mudgod;bt35 said:
So less than a year left, How are you doing? Only takes 6 weeks to form a new habit, from what I hear. From what I read in your opening line your looking for a lifestyle change. Has your life changed?

its been a very slow go. I had gotten back into my old habits for a while. I'm beginning to pick up steam once more. I still have my goal ahead of me.. just going to have to work harder at it.. Even if I do not make it, It will still be there for me to work for.

I see you have been getting in shape also.. kudo's to ya man... :grin:


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Jul 8, 2013
hardest part for me in not smoking is right after a meal.. have to really fight the urge