Moab Utah 2023


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Jul 8, 2013
Wife and I are planning a trip to Moab end of May 1st week of June. leaving SA Sat May 27th, spend the night in Roswell NM, and drive to Moab the next day. Staying here in one of the cabin style rooms. leaving Moab on Friday morning June 2nd to head home.

We've never been, bucket list trip for us. :smokin:

May 29th is Memorial Day so its only 4 days vacation time for me.. Looking at videos to get an idea of what trails to run, I don't like cliff edge trails, (I have issues with heights) but I spect Imma have to deal with that once we get there. :cool: :reading:

Anybody else wanna go???? :popcorn::stirring:
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Mar 5, 2016
I may be going in February but if that doesn't work out this would be an awesome way to start summer! You better get over that fear of heights issue fast!!