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Mar 5, 2016
It's been a while but some of the screen names are the same. Looks like the group is a bit smaller these days. I have a xj on 35's now, I know pretty gay compared to most of the built rigs. Kiddos are getting bigger and I feel I am able to take them wheeling and camping now, want to do more to the rig as funds allow but at least this is a starting point to get back into it with....


Active member
Jul 10, 2013
Your kids must be ten and twelve years old by now.
Welcome to the Rock Jeff.


Staff member
Jul 10, 2013
I don`t think he is really back.He is just doing a bird impersonation,he flew over took a dump and kept going!


Mar 5, 2016
Its been a while but thought I would share some pics of my current projects.

First is a 91 suburban and I am in the process of finishing the 1ton swap. It has a 4'' procomp lift kit, procomp beadlocks, and procomp 40's. I will have to trim a little but the goal is too wheel some mild trails with the family and not have to worry about axle failure. I have had it about three years and it has changed from stock, then I put a 6" kit and 37s, the 37's looked small so next was 40's, then I worried about the axles with the 40s so I dropped it to 4" and put 37s back on; obviously that didnt last so back to 40s and 1tons (it just has to much body for anything smaller than 40s). I think next I want to do DIY4X front and rear bumpers but havent decided yet. It will not get wheeled hard as the body is super clean minus a bit of rust, its from MN.

Second is my daily, a 13 WK2 with a ARB kit and ARB bumper. I also added all the stock TrailHawk skid plates/rock sliders.

Thanks for looking and hope to see y'all on the trails!!


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