Coming to BVR


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Jul 8, 2013
So I was on another page and the discussion came up on what state has the best wheelers. I thought everyone already knew they all come from Texas, but apparently that is not widely recognized. I am calling out all the states to pick a team of their best wheelers and I will provide five courses that will settle it once and for all! I'm thinking each state will provide five of their best, picked by their own peers. Each team will provide one driver for one course which will be run on a stopwatch. The first course's running order will be drawn out of a hat, the other four will be the running order that the last course was finished in. The five courses will be baby wash, main vein, chainsaw massacre, green mile, and maybe asylum as a final trail. Each team will submit as to which driver will compete on which course, kind of like the batting lineup in baseball. Now to find a good date for year's weekend? Spring break? Let's see when is best....

I'll post the dates when they announced.

this will be a must see event.. smokin


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Aug 12, 2013
Jorge and I went last year. so did Monstercrawler.. his lil zuke was soooo badass.. I will be going back again in 2018.

Damn, I don't wheel with you for 4 or 5 months and you forget all about me. LOL
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