BJs Off-road or Painless


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Sep 17, 2013
Im looking into getting a new wiring harness for the Cherokee. Ill be a generic kit. Painless is like $400 and BJs is less than half. Is it just the Painless name that makes it expensive? Or is the BJs kit crap?
BJ's is well known in the full size Jeep world. I don't think they would put out a crap kit.
Kinda what I thought Jeff but justthought Id check and see if any of yall had some real world experience.
Ive used Painless and if you aren't good with wiring, it can become a nightmare quickly. Granted, it was a 12 circuit buggy harness, so not much was plug and play. Funny thing is the harness was given to me by someone who was an electrical engineer, and he couldn't figure it out lol. For me I personally prefer to order some spools of wire, and build my harness from scratch. Are you looking at a full harness to replace everything, or just looking to eliminate extra BS?
I want to rewire the entire truck. I had something burn up under the dash a couple weeks ago and one in the engine bay yesterday. From what Ive read the wiring in these Jeeps are often problematic. So before I burn it to the ground and loose a few hundred dollars I want to fix it the right way.
the one from speedway motors

I’ve used ez wiring before, it’s like painless but $170 for a 12 circuit