Automotive Painting


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Jul 8, 2013
I'm planning on painting the body ( what there is of it) on the LJ when I'm done building it. I like house of Color paints, but its been 30 years since I've done any painting. Any of y'all have any tips or tricks? thinking the color scheme will be either maroon and black or Maroon and Gray.
House of Kolor is nice but really high dollar, most local paint suppliers can mix up the same colors for far less.
Far as tips it’s mostly in the prep work and make sure you drain your compressor of any water before you shoot. Also a good water separator is worth the investment
Thanks..after doing a lot of reading Im going use acrylic enamel paint. Thats what I used years ago and it worked well. Lot less expensice also.
I used TCP Global’s hot rod flatz, it’s a single stage paint and have some really cool colors.