Aluminum Seat Sliders ,15" wheels, H1 wheels, Seats, and more parts to add


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Aug 12, 2013
I decided it's time to clean house and move some of the parts I have. I'll update the list as things sale or are removed. All parts are located in Rockdale Tx but I do travel to DFW airport damn near weekly. The wheels and seats are stored up in my shop attic so I only pulled down one of each to take pics. If you are very interested I'll crawl my fat ass but up there to bring the others down.

Set of Chassis unlimited aluminum seat sliders (one set). Sold to Dustin

I bought these a few years ago and never used them. "forgot I had them" They are scratched up but still in perfect working order. They are over 200 bucks per set new. Mounting holes are at 18 inches center to center.


set of four 39.5 X 15 x 15 TSLs Sold

Still lots of meat left on these and someone spent a lot of time grooving them. They are older tires so the price will reflect that. I've have them inside since I've owned them. I have not seen any plugs or patches on them and would assume they all hold air. I have them on beadlocks and they leak down through my locks after a few months.

set of four 15 x 8 steel wheels 5 on 5.5 with 3.5" of BS $ 60.00

Just a set of plain steel wheels that someone did a crap tastic paint job on years ago. They will need new paint.


Set of four stock H1 military hummer 8 bolt bead locks with run flats. $150.00 OBO

These things are getting harder to find. 1 is missing the nut on one of the lock studs but I'm sure it's a standard size.


Set of four 31.5 LTBs mounted on 15" steel wheels 5 on 5.5 lug pattern. Sold to Project Freedoms buddy

These came on a CJ that I just bought and have not use for them. The tires look like they have around 40 to 45% tread left and the wheel look good. I have not cleaned them but they will clean up nicely. Wheels are dang near worth the asking price. I have a 5th matching wheel I'll throw in for asking price.

PSC Derale Heat Sink Fluid Cooler. Sold to TINY!!!

To my knowledge this has never been used.

Poly bucket seats. $40.00

Just your typical poly bucket seats. These are wider than most being my big ass fit in them.


More to come.

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Jul 8, 2013
I have a set of 4 O Rings for those Hummer beadlocks for whoever buys them

put me down for the cooler, I'll send ya some money if you send me your paypal addy


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Aug 12, 2013
39.5 TSLs, Bead locks, Steering cooler and 31" LTBs have been sold.

I still have the H1 double bead locks, ugly wheels, seats, 39.5 TSLs and I'll be adding more stuff.
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Jul 5, 2015
Hmm I could use those sliders. I'll take them if we can figure out some time/ place to meet up.