82 toyota buggy 7k


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Jul 11, 2013
1982 toyota truggy/ buggy frame most of it. 22r on got propane kit, chrome header, manual trans with new shifter bushings, to dual marlin crawler setup [what I was told] 2.28 stock gears in both. Toyota solid axle front and rear, 5.29s ..front is high pinion, widened with ifs hubs and what not. Front trussed and has Hydro assist trail gear shafts and spare true longfields go with it.... front axle has almost all new parts from a recent build. Front is leaf spring, and rear is 4 linked on 3/4 heims I believe all one run on rear links with brand new 16" rear fox 2.0 airshocks. Has a brand new optima blue top and magnaflow exhaust. Tires are on steel wheels 17s pitbull rocker 37s but have extremely used 37" red label stickies that goes with it. Its been on one major offroad run to Katemcy since I've owned it, but my brother drove it and stored and worked on it, so I only know this. Ive got spare parts like axle housings [still at brothers], third members and what I find. Some parts and red labels that come with it in pics. Located Edinburg, TX. 956 area
$7000 bucks

Will entertain other offroad trades, maybe a diesel truck...all trades consideredView


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Jul 11, 2013
Still here...still one of the best deals for a rig ....guaranteed it will hurt some feelings especially with the worn in stickies