44,s and NO lift....?... Pics . Inf.


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Jul 14, 2013
Here ya go! Probably little bigger the 44" but no lift

Awesome Bill

Heysus Rojo
Jul 10, 2013
We had a local mud rig around here that was an s-10 on 44's and sat damn near stock height. Lots of fender trimming and hammer use but it looked great. Had a nasty motor too. No pics tho sorry!


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Oct 30, 2013
not much help

I've been googling the same thing but searched:
little lift, big tire
big tire, little lift
fender trimming
There's a pickup on pirate I think they call it crazy days that's got no lift and 44's, and a couple of K5's with no lift and 44's.
Most of what I've seen has been stock 52's up front with zero rates and lots of trimming.
There's threads on CK5 and Pirate about fitting big tires and little to no lift.
I haven't found to much as to the advice on trimming sheet metal and keeping it clean.