2002 Jeep WJ

I had those break before, it sucks.. especially when the retainer bolt breaks. Glad you got it fixed :nice: :smokin:
Planning on making a day trip to gilmer this Saturday.

Went outside this evening and tested out one of my new items I won in the Christmas raffle and gave everything a good once over, thanks again Kenny! Figured while I was at it I might as well make sure my AC and heat are working like they should, with the way the weather has been never know which one I’ll need.

Nothing new really happening on the Jeep. I did order a 1-ton steering kit for it a while back, drag link came in but I still haven’t seen the tie rod show up.

here’s a pic of the new magnetic light in action!


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Overall had a good day at barnwell. It was extremely cold, but the heater did it’s job. We had a group of 8 so didn’t really cover that much of the park. No major issues out of anyone though so that’s good.

I’m pretty sure my power steering pump is going out, it will not turn the tires while I’m pointing down and there in a bind. It also whines like crazy while it’s in a bind. Anybody got any other ideas? Also have some kind of bad ass vibration/ grinding noise that sounds like it’s coming from the front driveshaft. Doesn’t do it all the time but it does it in 2wd and 4x4. But I guess that doesn’t matter since it has a 242 and the front shaft is always spinning? Not sure what’s the issue there either. Those are the few things I’ll be trying to address before the next tri

other than that the dam thing climbed everything I attempted. I backed off of one climb, and think I could have made it with a little more maneuvering. Here’s a few pics and vids.


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Nice pics and videos :) I like the grab handles on the rear quarters. :sha-thumb2:

On the steering, I was going to suggest hydro assist, but I see you already have that on it. Did you do the pump mod? drill and stretch the spring? if the pump is really howling, its probably shot tho
Nice pics and videos :) I like the grab handles on the rear quarters. :sha-thumb2:

On the steering, I was going to suggest hydro assist, but I see you already have that on it. Did you do the pump mod? drill and stretch the spring? if the pump is really howling, its probably shot tho
Yea I’m leaning towards it being shot. But as far as any mods to it, I haven’t done any. But I still occasionally find surprises from the previous owner.
Is the poping noise in the first video a locker?
To be honest with you Brent I’m not sure. This thing makes so many dam noises every time I wheel. That specific noise to me kinda sounded like the front driveshaft hitting on the crossmember. I noticed a few new scratches on the front drive shaft when I got back home where it had been hitting there so I for sure need to do a little more cutting on the crossmember.
Got some other ideas for the Jeep, going to see yalls opinion on them. I’m tired of my Jeep just sitting here doing nothing in between wheeling trips. One of the reasons I got this one was to make it somewhat streetable. I live about 5 miles from my work and town, so I would like to be able to cruise there and back comfortably. All of the interior and creature comforts work on my Jeep so there’s no problem there.

im pretty sure my tires are going to be my main problem on why it drives so terrible on the road right now. They are kinda choppy. I’m about to wrap up all the steering so that should be fine. My rear is a jk non rubicon Dana 44, 5:13gears, welded spiders. my thoughts were to buy a new carrier and get a Spartan locker for the rear. I’m not going to drive this thing everyday. Also still want to have some kind of true locker for when I go wheeling. Any other suggestions y’all think of? Different ideas on lockers? I’m trying not to spend a ton of money on this.
Finally got my steering kit installed. Doing something a little different with the rear cargo area and all the stuff I carry with me in the Jeep. Found these dewalt t stak boxes, going to give them a shot and see how I like them. Also working on some kind of on board air source utilizing the giant factory spare tire area under the rear cargo floor.


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Haven’t updated anything on the WJ in a while. Not much has changed since my last post. I don’t really have the time or money to do the upgrades I really want to do to this thing. But with that being said it sits here in the driveway patiently waiting to go wheel, and then whenever I take it out the dam thing just crawls up everything! I did add some new used Toyo MT’s before the trip to wolf caves.

I just got back from wolf caves last weekend. Had a blast and the jeep went everywhere all day long. Only a few issues, ran a little bit sluggish which I’m sure is from the gas that’s been sitting in there for a while. I’m probably going to get some sea foam and do a tune up in the near future. It also looks like the clamp on the tie rod that’s connected to the hydro assist ram “rolled” a little bit.

after that I plan to finally start doing some of these little things I’ve wanted to do for a while, replace bushings, coil spring isolators, things like that.

here’s a few pics from wolf caves.