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2002 Jeep WJ


Active member
Feb 23, 2014
Just a small story and then onto the specs lol. I saw this Jeep for sale and knew that I wanted it. Well that meant I had to sell the xj. So I listed it for sale, sold it then went and got this thing today! I can’t believe it all worked out like I was planning.

I loved my xj and it took me lots of places I didn’t think it could go, plus was my first Jeep. Few things I didn’t like about it was how rough and bare bones the interior was, how far away it was from being some sort of “streetable”, and lack of creature comforts. I never thought I would be worried about that with a toy since I just always sweat and deal with the heat in the summer. But when I took my 2 boys with me 2 summers ago they both looked like they were going to pass out lol. I wanted them to have fun and be comfortable. I know what your thinking, just don’t go in the summer right? Well I try to go wheeling whenever I can as as much as I can. Plus I hunt a lot so I don’t make to many fall trips. I want them to have a good time and want to keep going back, just my personal thought. Plus I wanted to be more comfortable my self is probably the main reason lol.

Jeep is a 2002 limited, I believe, with leather seats and a sunroof. Working AC and heat, radio, power windows, all that cool stuff. I’ve got some cosmetic things I’m going to do to it, I have a new heavy duty track bar and brackets that need to be installed that was included. I need to buy a winch for it as well. Probably build a little box of some sort to put in the back to hold tools and stuff. It is ready to go right now though. The previous owner just went on a trip to Clayton with it last weekend with his friends.

it has axles out of a Sahara JK
Dana 30-
Spartan locker
Red neck ram hydro assist

Dana 44
Iron rock truss

6” long arm lift
Sway bar disconnects
Hack n tap
37” Goodyear MTR kevlars

that’s about all I can think of at the moment

Short term plans I have for it include a few cosmetic things, probably throw some paint on a few things here and there, order a winch, change rear main seal.

Long term plans include making it streetable enough to go on long trips. Selectable locker for the rear, new tires, get suspension/ steering dialed in for better highway manners, stuff like that.

planning the maiden voyage sometime after the first of the year!


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Active member
Feb 23, 2014
Washed up. Might even take it to get a detail job lol.


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Active member
Feb 23, 2014
haven’t done any real work to the Jeep yet, mostly cosmetic stuff lol. Painted front bumper and sliders black. Found some color match Chrysler paint and tried matching the rear corner armor and rub rails closer to the body color than they were before. Also removed all previous owners stickers and started putting a few of my own. Been cleaning the hell out of the inside. Got a few leaking seals to replace and that’s about it. I like having all these little things to do and not a bunch of big projects lol


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