2 piece front driveshafts


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Jul 10, 2013
I know a couple of you have built a 2 piece front shaft on your rigs, looks like I’m going to need to go that route as well now. Can you guys point me in the right direction of what parts/carrier bearing setup you are using?
So I think I figured out what I need. Needing to stay 1350 for everything, was hoping to do a bolt style yoke in the middle, but no luck there.

Starting at the case:

1350 Slip yoke 16 spline Spicer P/N 3-3-2701KX (Actually this is 15 spline based on 16 so it has a blind spline in it) $88.64 Dennys Driveshaft
Timken 1 3/8" carrier bearing SAK 1 3/8 $69.69 from MRO Supply (This is a rebuildable setup as well)
16 Spline slip shaft for 2" tubing and 1 3/8" bearing Spicer P/N 2-53-121 $84.37 from Dennys Driveshaft
2" .120 wall DOM for the shaft itself 12" piece $27 from Ruffstuff
2" 1350 Weld yoke for 2" tube Spicer P/N 3-28-777 $31.33 from Dennys Driveshaft

This will build the top section of the 2 piece shaft for a total cost of $301.03, significantly cheaper than the $600 Wide Open Designs kit cost.

For the lower portion, I already have a Tom woods long travel 1350 yoke and slip spline off my old driveshaft. I'll end up ordering another 2" 1350 weld yoke for $31.33, and some 2" .188 DOM 36" for $59 off an Ebay vendor. So $90 in new material. I'll need some new 1350 joints, but I have a few new Spicers in the spare parts box already. Looks like Just of $400 to build a 1350 2 piece front, not too bad I don't think.
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So after several hours of trial and error in the garage yesterday, I may have found a way to avoid having to go 2 piece on the shaft. Ill know for sure this coming weekend. Either way, there is a good list for someone to work from in the future.

As a note, the carrier bearing is backordered for 2 weeks, I'm going to order one just for grins to have on hand, and be able to see how good of an option it will be for future builds.