15' Podium Chassis rebuild


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Oct 30, 2013
Been a long while,,,
The K5 was killed, the yota was sold, and the single seat became trading stock..

Wanted one of these chassis' for a while.
Going to take me a year or better to get this thing going.
2 trips between DFW and Vegas to round up 90% of what it was before it got parted out.
Fortunately, The PO went a different direction and decided to give me first dibs on the collection of parts that were removed.
Going back with a LS based engine, L96.
Th400 to start with a swap to a REID SH400 later on.
Race case Atlas 2 speed with 3.8 or 3.0.
Bring on the motivation!
Very next step is to strip it down to bare metal and repair/replace all of the damaged tubes.

JImmy's podium chassis.jpg


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Oct 30, 2013
Oh Damn...what axles you running?
Part of the deal was both the PO and I realizing that he was about to cut up a set of axles to fit his need and I was fixing to have to find and build a set.
So, he sold me the spidertrax front housing And TG rear that were built and in this rig.
When the po let go of the housings he included the RCV shafts, and links.
Kinda got me almost back to a roller.
That was the first trip to Las vegas right after Christmas.
About Mid march the PO called me and said he was going a different direction and wanted to know If I was interested in the rest of the parts.,,,,,,
I made another run to Las vegas Easter weekend and picked up the
Coil overs, thirds, sway bars, winch, steering, and some misc stuff.
NO cash this time. The PO took my single seat in trade.