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Search results

  1. B

    Anyone have a turtle for a pet?

    So my kids found a tiny Red Eared Slider in the yard today and wanna keep it as a pet. I already have aquarium and may still have some other stuff laying around. Y'all have any suggestions on a good aquarium setup?
  2. B

    Eugene the Jeep

    Well I guess like some of the others here on the forum Ive fallen victim to the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. I'm more of a traditional Jeep guy and hated when they brought the 4 door Jeeps to market. This was also before I had 3 kids. LOL! So looked a round a little while back and found a cream...
  3. B

    JKU lift??

    Well fellas I fell off the deep end an bought a JK Unlimited. I wanted to see if any of y'all had opinions on lift kits. Theres so much stuff to look at and consider Id appreciate it if y'all could help me narrow the field a little. FYI I nabbed some 37" BFG KO2s and some AEV Salta wheels off...
  4. B

    Anyone use Biodiesel?

    Anyone of y'all run biodiesel in your trucks? Have a Loves down the road thats supposed to sell it just curious what the real world pros and cons are.
  5. B

    Half ton towing???

    So I picked up a new travel trailer this past Wednesday. On the way back from purchasing said trailer we had quite a bit of sway. Camper is 30' total length, weight is 5500ish dry and we also noticed the camper was down about 2-2.5" in the nose. So my question to y'all is do you think leveling...
  6. B

    Clash at the Crossbar Whos goin?

    As long as all goes well me and the family will be at the event. I was just wondering if any of y'all have plans to go.
  7. B

    8.8 Locker

    Anyone have a 31 spline locker laying around?
  8. B

    Gilmer A.K.A. Barnwell Mountain

    Well we made a trip to Gilmer this past weekend met up with a coworker (Scout), some in-laws (RZR), my homies Scott and his sidekick. Enough with the chatter on to the pictures.
  9. B

    78-79 Bronco top

    Just checking to see whats out there. Know a guy in the market.
  10. B

    Gilmer day trip

    Didnt get as many pictures and video as I had hoped but got to visit with good friends I havent seen in a while and get some more seat time on the little XJ that can. Sent from my LG-H871 using Tapatalk
  11. B

    Trade 33" A/Ts?

    FS/FT 33" General A/Ts Ive got 4 ~ 33x12.5x15 General A/Ts on black steel wheels 5x4.5 bolt pattern. Also have a non tread matching spare with matching wheel. They have maybe 1000 Miles on them and 2 wheeling trips. $300 or an RC Crawler. Also have 4 33x12.5X15 General M/Ts currently on my...
  12. B

    Cheap Cherokee

    So some of you already know Ive acquired a new to me 4x4. So the stats go 1996 Jeep Cherokee Rough Country 6.5" long arm, 33'' General ATs, JCR bumpers front and rear, JCR Rock sliders, JCR rear quarter body armor with snazzy LED lights, 1 ton OTK steering,WJ ps pump, Durango steering box, frame...
  13. B

    WANTED Family Friendly 4x4

    In the market for 4wd for the family. Nothing spectacular but something we can drive around town and hit some light trails whenever the mood strikes us. Needs to be able to seat 5. Budget is about 5k .
  14. B

    ZJ vs XJ Looking for a family ride?

    Looking for a family ride and Im a Jeep guy. So Im looking for opinions on ZJs, XJs, or maybe even WJs. The good the bad and the ugly. Currently have my evey on a ZJ with a 5.9.
  15. B

    RC crawler?

    Well my boys are getting older and are Im thinking about getting one or two crawlers. Anyone have one or two laying around collecting dust they want to sell? Mini crawlers are good as well. Losi, Proline, etc. LMK what you got thanks guys and gals!
  16. B

    BJs Off-road or Painless

    Im looking into getting a new wiring harness for the Cherokee. Ill be a generic kit. Painless is like $400 and BJs is less than half. Is it just the Painless name that makes it expensive? Or is the BJs kit crap?
  17. B

    TH400/NP208 adapter and output shaft

    Checking to see if anyone has a th400 to np208 adapter and the matching out put shaft laying around? Lmk what ya got thanks!
  18. B

    TH400 to Dana 300 Adapter??

    So Im going to put my Quadratrac out to pasture and replace it with a Dana 300. Im trying So Ive read that I can use a NP208 adapter and out put shaft. Anyone have any experience with this swap? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  19. B

    Unlimited Off Road Expo @ TMS

    http://uorexpo.com/tx/ Just checking to see if any of you guys will be going. Ill be there n my Justin boots no Jeep yet. I messed up and posted this in the atv/utv section
  20. B

    Unlimited Off Road Expo @ TMS

    http://uorexpo.com/tx/ Just wondering if anyone is going. I plan to attend.