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Search results

  1. mnmstoy

    Dana 300 case & sm465 round pattern Tcase adaptor

    Looking for a Dana 300 Transfer case. Doesn't have to be working or parts missing off it. I'm going to be using just the housing anyway. As long as the housing isn't cracked. Also need a Sm465 Adaptor that goes from the Transmission to T-case round pattern. I have the long version that is...
  2. mnmstoy

    Texas Twister at Trees Ranch !!!

    That's right !!!! May 22nd-25th This time around i plan to keep a level head to get maximum wheeling time. no doubt our birthday Bash was pretty damn good. But i hear Texas Twister is the weekend to be at Trees Ranch. As i gett details or maybe CJ7 , RiverRat or Bob can post up details and...
  3. mnmstoy

    Trees Ranch Birthday Bash Run

    For me it started Thursday evening. Loaded my rig and took it to work. after work I headed out. Raining and all.....i wasn't sure what was I thinking or the fact that no one has punked out. Yeah I had Feb 27th on my mind. Cold Ice WET !!! I stop and grab something to eat. Tried calling RiverRat...
  4. mnmstoy

    Trees Ranch Run Birthday Bash

    I normally don't announce my birthday (April 5th) but figure it would be a good excuse to make another run to Trees. Hope to see you out their. Havent hammered out details yet. But i plan to wheel my rig like i stole it again. Post up if your in. Mike April 10th weekend.
  5. mnmstoy

    Seat belt Harness SATX

    Please delete
  6. mnmstoy

    wheel spacers and 35 spline flanges SATX

    I have 2.5" chevy 8 lug aluminum wheel spacers for sell. no lug nuts $50 and they are yours. first with cash in hand takes them home. Dana 60 35 spline drive flanges $80 cash in had takes them home.
  7. mnmstoy

    March Member Of The Month.

    Woot woot I'm your March 2014 MOTM. How I got into the sport really goes back to the mid 80's. Not into Rock Crawling back then but building and fabricating never the less. My Passion for building..guess you can say I was born to build. 1970 Nova's and street racing was the norm. 383 Stroker...
  8. mnmstoy

    Wanted ATT&T cell phone SATX

    looking for a att&t phone here in san Antonio if anyone has one on the cheap. Lost mine today and need something to get me by until my income tax comes in. send me a IM Thanks,
  9. mnmstoy

    Hidden Falls March 1-2

    Planning a wheeling trip out to Hidden Falls march 1-2 Meeting at camp B between 8:30-9am on the trails around 10am. Saturday. Hopefully the weather holds wheel until lunch. Refuel and head back out. Depending on the group as to what trails we hit up. Im out to wheel and have fun. Hope to see...
  10. mnmstoy

    Same old Truck

    Started life as a 1980 Toyota LWB 4x4. I bought it in 2004 as a ranch/ hunting truck. It's a rare truck as it had the SR5 package with a tachometer, A/C and power steering. Did the whole keep it all Toyota and spent a few thousand trying to keep it that way. There after I swap out the Yoda axles...
  11. mnmstoy

    Looking for L45 or L52 Toyota 5 speed transmision 4x4

    I have a buddy looking for a L45,L52 Toyota transmission. same length as the L43 4 speed but it has a top shift instead of a side shift with 5 gear. Let me know if you have one for sale around san Antonio area. I want to say they can be found in 1981-83 First Gen Toyota's. Would prefer the L52...
  12. mnmstoy

    Midnight Four Wheeler 25 year Ann. Run

    Bear and I just got back into town a few minutes ago. Had a great time like always wheeling with club members as well as anyone else that wanted to tag along. For myself nothing ever goes as planned. Left my spare at home as well as everything else that deals with camping and wheeling. Thank God...
  13. mnmstoy

    Hold My Beer.

    Don't have to many members here on my facebook. So, I thought I would share a song I put together. Yes I know....I still have my day job:flipoff: Anyway, I was bored at home thinking about our Club run next month. Enjoy I've done a few takes on it. And I think this is it. Recorded with my Boss...
  14. mnmstoy

    Coil over shocks and 4 Link

    Long term goal is to tube out my Yoda and 4 link both ends. In the meantime, I want to start gathering parts and knowledge of Vendors as well as what has worked for you Guys. I want to keep my Yoda low to the ground and triangulated links as parallel (to the ground) as possible. I've been...
  15. mnmstoy

    Rolling Tool box in SATX

    Looking for a Rolling tool box in San Antonio. Hoping to land a Job with Fleet Maintenance and need a Large Rolling tool box for the Job. I know there's Craigslist and their are some Good looking ones. But would rather give my $$ to a local wheeler. Looking to spend about $400 max. Thanks, Mike
  16. mnmstoy

    16' Utility trailer to car hauler build

    I bought a used homemade 16' Utility trailer for $800. Plans are to make it into a car hauler for my Rig. It has 3500 pound axles with brakes. I don't have any pictures yet but I will be getting some tomorrow. Some issues I see so far is that one of the spindles have a lug broken off and it...
  17. mnmstoy


    I'm Mike or a few call me m&m. My Rig is forever changing. Started life as a 1980 Toyota. and over the last 8 years made changes to accommodate my driving needs as well as the environment I crawl on. Well, now that I have a chevy 4.3 The skinny pedal does bring a smile to my face. My set up...