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Search results

  1. M

    Wheeling for the Wounded, Disney 2015

    I will do a write up eventually, until then I thought you might like to see your sticker
  2. M

    Kansas Rocks July 2015

    Here's my trail report for last months visit to Kansas Rocks
  3. M

    EDC Pistols

    Here's mine. 2014 PT-92AF Taurus 9mm i use a 17 rd magazine for daily carry, with Hornady hollow points Pachmayr grips holster is an Alien Gear IWB I carry 95% of the time, including at work. I absolutely love this pistol, ive become pretty good (accurate) with it. Its a great gun for "thumbs...
  4. M

    kansas Rocks (Near Ft. Scott)

    i created a mini event on my FB page and went to check this place out for the first time. heres the first video. more to come, plus the typical trail report
  5. M

    2015 Big Meats Run, Disney Ok.

    Im hauling my Blazer and my buddies bronco2 (full sized axless) to disney this year. we are going down on thursday and staying til sunday. anyone here plan on being there? its free to wheel and there are a ton of wheelers, including a pack of high dollar rock hoppers that make everyone look...
  6. M

    Trail report, Joplin, Mo.

    Here's a trail report of a few weeks ago. Nothing hard core, was basically just testing the Dana 60 and the new hydro-assist system. there are a couple videos on the bottom of the page from my hood cam
  7. M

    Big Meats Run 2014

    this was my second year in a row to attend the meet. it was a blast. ill throw some random shots up if you want to read more about my trip i wrote a short article about on my blog http://138modified.blogspot.com/2014/06/2014-big-meats-run.html random rig bottom of Bounty Hill a flying...
  8. M

    Mutant Blazer

    I'm hoping some of you cats remember me.
  9. M


    No wonder there is only crickets at the old place, all the cool cats are here now.