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Search results

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    Synthetic Winch Rope Repair

    Anyone have any experience repairing a synthetic winch rope? Mine broke about 1-1.5 feet from the hook and I hate to throw out the rest of the line for one short section. Sorry, this is an ATV winch. But if you can do one, you should be able to do the another.
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    2007 Cummins Shortbed Dually (not a megacab)

    I have a 2007 Ram 2500 Laramie that has been converted to a 1-ton dually. This is a very unique truck and makes an excellent tow rig. Super easy to get around town, but still all the benefits of a normal dually. I love this truck, but we have 4 Cummins around the house now and just really don't...
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    Dana 300 (or other 23 spline passenger drop case)

    I'm needing a passenger drop, 23 spline transfer case. I'd prefer a Dana 300, but would also consider a NP 208 if someone has one laying around. I might be able to make a Chevy NP 208 work also since I already have a driver's drop case I can use for the input shaft, but I'm not positive the two...
  4. O

    WTT: RaceMe Ultra for AR15

    I have a RaceMe Ultra, all cables and components, that I would like to trade for an AR15 in the 5.56/.223 configuration. I would prefer a cabine or mid-sized. Must be mil-spec. Text me at 830-931-5six6six. The RaceMe Ultra is for a Dodge Cummins 6.7L and works on any model and year with that...
  5. O

    WTT: Chevy 1-tons for Ford 1-tons

    I have a pair of Chevy 1-tons, a kingpin Dana 60 with disk brakes and Dana 70 with drums. Both have 4.88 gears and both are welded. Ready to bolt in and start wheeling. I'm looking to trade them for a set of Ford 1-tons (or any brand as long as they are driver's side differential). Not overly...
  6. O


    I'm newly returned to the San Antonio area after being gone a number of years. Starting to build a new project, CJ10a, and hoping to find some locals on here to wheel with and bounce ideas off of. I was directed here from texas4x4 as a way to get in touch with the Midnight wheelers out of San...