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Search results

  1. bigevil


    I'm robert.
  2. bigevil

    toyota buggy

    complete 2 seater chassis set up for 22r 5spd dual cases 60 14 $1500 toyota 22r runs no oil pressure . been like that for years . $200 complete propane setup with extra filter and 4 full tanks $1000 all in corpus . will be pulled out in the next few weeks 3614615503
  3. bigevil


    no specs . no idea what im doing . just going to build something to promote sinister
  4. bigevil


    well lets try this for the last time . i been pumping out cages bumpers and sas here out of the shop at the house . i have already out grown it . today im going to look at shops . location really doesnt bother me . word of mouth has had me booked a few weeks in advance . lets see whats out there
  5. bigevil


    kinda sorta a rebuild from the past . got this for my son to build and learn from . 85 dodge 1/2 ton . not sure how much lift yet . 93 cummins diesel 92 getrag 92 np205 mid 80s 60 60 welded 4:88s it doesn't run right now . needs injector pump I think . the body is rusty . I have a clean...
  6. bigevil


    this is Tammy's jeep . 06 tj . 4.0 6spd . right now pretty much stock . this is will take a while cause its her daily driver plans . hp44 front d60 rear . 4linked . 37s
  7. bigevil

    d 60 housen with open diff and 4:88s

    just a housen with carrier and gears . ready to be loaded up $400 .Also have a corp 14 open with 4:56s $200 . complete no shafts $300 with shafts
  8. bigevil


    lets see some of your work . I have a few here and there
  9. bigevil

    corpus christi tx to moab utah

    I make this drive the 1st week of every month . atleast till I find a better job .
  10. bigevil

    97 chevy build

    specs when I got it . 6.5 diesel nv4500 4:10s . should be specs when done . cummins 2wd nv4500 divorce 205 chevy dually sas with 4:88s and 39.5s on around 8" lift
  11. bigevil


    hello folks . im Robert the great . houdyyyyyyyyyyyy