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Search results

  1. Ramman84

    Random new car

    So down sides, she is super loud even at part throttle cruising. It runs on C16 race fuel so this bitch ain't cheep to cruise in at $18 a gallon. While technically "street legal" she will likely spend most if her time at the track or in the garage
  2. Ramman84

    Random new car

    Dude she is bad, took not to the local 1/8th mile track for preped surface test and tune, off the trailer foot brake 18psi in the tires it pulled the front end off the ground ( just a hair) and put down a 7 second pass No nitrous. Fixed the trans brake yesterday, hooked up the nitrous bottle...
  3. Ramman84

    Random new car

    So I play on this raffle page on face book that does racecars and high end parts. Cause my buddy runs the page along with some other guys. Anyhow I boight in on one of the car games for 150 bucks and I won 🏆 . Drawing was July 29th car was delivered to me by the owner Saturday August 1st...
  4. Ramman84

    Wolf caves 7/17-7/19

    Batch 2
  5. Ramman84

    Wolf caves 7/17-7/19

    Pictures batch 1
  6. Ramman84

    Wolf caves 7/17-7/19

    rolled out 8 am from my house 6 cars deep friday morning, made good time to wolf caves, considereing we had a toddler with us. rolled in about 3pm got unloaded, snacked and rolled out to the trails this was my brothers first trip crawling he was in pebbles(87 4runner), he went to town was not...
  7. Ramman84

    Garage workings

    So it appears that same leaf spring bolt has an issue with backing out I found it loose again after a trip to wolf caves. So this next 2 weeks is gonna be fixing trail repairs and making everything trail worthy again since they are all going on this next trip. Buggy is getting, new motor...
  8. Ramman84

    Wolf caves 7/17-7/19

    I'm heading to wolf caves with my brother and daughter and a few friends All 3 of my rigs will be there we will have a aspiring photographer with us to help shoot the good shots as we play around. I am attempting to rent the #2 cabin so if anyone want to come on by and hang out yall are more...
  9. Ramman84

    Wolf caves May 29-31

    Rolled out 4 am with my trailer loaded down with the buggy and the tj, not even 5 minutes from my house sketchy calls me says he has a blow out on his truck get his position and determined I'm about an house from him. Tell him to take a nap and I'll be there soon. I get going make it to him...
  10. Ramman84

    Trees Ranch 2020 Dates

    I'm in for labor day that will be my last trip this year and probably my only trip next year.
  11. Ramman84

    Garage workings

    So since this whole lock down and not being able to go anywhere, I have been able to get alot of work done in the garage. 1st thing was getting the buggy ( the ugly stripper) in the garage, did a tune up, oil change, went over all the suspension bolts after almost losing a leaf spring bolt at...
  12. Ramman84


    Back to full staff, 8-5 people still needing the warranty work done. Picked up a couple fab related side projects. And have been slinging wrenches with my minuonninnthe garage
  13. Ramman84

    Update on all my junk

    wow i was ambitious. or stupid
  14. Ramman84

    Garage cleaning

    so I got a lot more cleaning done since the new year started and I stepped down from my team lead position to spend more time at home. been working on it a lot recently got the floor done in the back, got the lighting fixed so I can see in there now, lights have built in blue tooth speakers so I...
  15. Ramman84

    Ginger (aka OUR truck)

    Ginger met the claw yesterday it was a sad day, I did pull the drive train and front axle for other reasons. So officially this thread is done
  16. Ramman84


    Did just pick up a cash side job that was more than my last paycheck so there's that.
  17. Ramman84


    Work has changed the schedule 3on 7off switches teams and only work from 8-6 On the plus side I will now have time to put 4.7s back in the buggy. And hopefully get to the SAS on the 4runner. And do some much needed maintenance on the tj
  18. Ramman84

    Trees ranch, labor day

    I will be attending this I assume they are going to be open. Hope to se some familiar faces there Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  19. Ramman84

    Wolf caves /WFTW 2/15-2/17

    Got a good start out of my house about 4 am Friday morning with just the Toyota loaded on the trailer, made okay time considering the fog brought my good 75mph down to 45 on I10. The fog was so bad I missed the exit for bucces in luling and had to scramble for the next fuel station. Stopped...
  20. Ramman84

    Wheeling this year

    2/15-2/17 wolf caves wheeler's for the wounded event ( taking Pebbles(87 4rnr), Myka(19 4rnr),and struggle buggys new ride(19 tacoma)) 8/23-9/2 ( wheeling first weekend at wolf caves or hidden falls floating the river during the week, then off to trees ranch for labor day) Plan to have...