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Search results

  1. Big4x4ride

    H1 8 bolt outer rings

    Anyone have a set of 8 bolt outer rings laying around they dont need? Seems the 8 bolt stuff is hard to find now, it all 12/24 bolt out there.
  2. Big4x4ride

    3 link / Radius Arm parts

    All items located in Corpus Christi TX 78418. Link parts, all new from Ruffstuff (purchased 7-17-2018) 1- Offset Axle Panhard bracket Retails for $29.80 1- Radius arm bracket pair Retails for $34.00 1- Frame outside panhard bracket Retails for $26.80 1- Chassis link bracket pair Retails for...
  3. Big4x4ride

    RCI 2161A Fuel Cell

    I have a RCI 2161A Fuel Cell, barely a year old, has had about 100 gallons of fuel or so run through it. Also have the Barnes 4wd fuel cell mounts/brackets for it, and have the correct Auto Meter Phantom 2 1/16" Fuel gauge for it as well. Everything is barely a year old. I'd prefer to sell it...
  4. Big4x4ride

    Odessa area

    We have anyone in the Odessa area that may be coming to Corpus, or at least somewhere closer to Corpus that could haul a couple of Jeep doors with them?
  5. Big4x4ride

    Just a little TJ

    So after seeing my wheeling rig sit 360+ days a year, and my wife and daughter both not really enjoying going wheeling, I decided to make it streetable so it could be used more. During the teardown for mods I found the driverside frame rail busted in half, and the frame rusting internally...
  6. Big4x4ride

    Gooseneck Crawler Hauler

    I have a homebuilt gooseneck trailer, roughly 23’ total deck length 8 foot taken up by the popup camper. Rear 5 foot is dovetailed, deck is 96" wide. Dual 7K Axles, 5 tires, 5 wheels, all lighting, coupler, wiring, and decking all installed less than a year ago. I’ve only used it 2 tines, has...
  7. Big4x4ride

    Cleaning out the shop

    Cleaning out the shop/storage. Tons of stuff I don’t need, big and small. First one to put cash in my hand or $$ in my PayPal gets the parts. Will update as I come across more. Later model (6 bolt) 4L60E to NP241 adapter $25 YJ poly bushing set for 1 set of springs $30 Jeep 2.5 Flywheel...
  8. Big4x4ride

    Moab/Rubicon/Other places

    How many of you guys have been to some of these well known places and wheeled? Trying to find something that the family would enjoy, as they aren't too interested in the crawling we normally do here. Something that would be more scenic, more trail type, not just 1 or 2 extreme obstacles and...
  9. Big4x4ride

    Leaf Springs

    Looking for a set of stock or 2" lift Chevy 52 or 56" leaf springs, or could possible use some 1st gen Dodge rear leafs. Anyone have anything?
  10. Big4x4ride


    looking for a buildable chevy th400 core, anyone have anything?
  11. Big4x4ride

    K5 Blazer

    I am looking for a K5 Blazer/ GMC Jimmy, not a rust bucket, but not a show truck. Just something we can make a weekend ride out of since the Jeep isnt really "streetable". A roller would be ideal as I have a 350/465 combo to drop in, but will entertain other options. Not looking to go broke...
  12. Big4x4ride

    Link suspension parts, shift cables, shifter, fuel cell..

    I have a few items I no longer need, some new some used. 1. USED RCI 2161A Fuel cell. This just came out of my rig, its older but works, no leaks. Sending unit is hit and miss. $50 and its yours (SOLD) 2. USED B&M z gate shifter. The gates have been modified to allow easier shifting, and I do...
  13. Big4x4ride

    2.0x16 FOA Coilovers NEW

    Brand new pair of 2.0x16 FOA Coilovers. Medium/Medium valving, includes the dual rate hardware and the triple rate kit. No springs. These are brand new, box from FOA has yet to even be opened. I paid $528 shipped and waited almost 4 weeks for them to ship, $480 shipped to you and they day...
  14. Big4x4ride


    Lets talk trailers, what are you guys using for a trailer, and what do you haul on it. I'm looking at building a 24'-25' bumper pull this summer/fall so I can haul the camper and the Jeep together. I'd like to build it gooseneck, but right now I don't have the room to park one at my home, and...
  15. Big4x4ride

    Winter mod time

    So, with some parks being closed up until Feb-Mar. time, what kind of winter mods do you guys have planned before the next trip? For me: 1. Change from 52" Chevy to 52" Dodge main leafs up front to get better approach angle. 2. Full hydro 3. Redo rear of my cage to give more headroom and space...
  16. Big4x4ride

    95 Jeep YJ Build

    Apparently I never started a build thread for my rig that I am wheeling now, so better late than never.. June of 2015 I bought a 95 YJ off a friend of mine, that had been built several years prior by 2 other friends, and in between another friend owned it. It was a DD/wheeler, then more of a...
  17. Big4x4ride

    Cj hood

    Looking for a cj hood in decent shape if anyone has one. Also, I know it's a long shot, but a cj cowl section would also be useful. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Big4x4ride

    Yota case

    Looking for a Yota transfer case, top shift to use for a doubler project. Have a transmission and case I'm getting from Boofthese, just need the 2nd case now. Anyone have one laying around? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Big4x4ride

    Back to the Trail Build

    It's now been 2 years since I last wheeled, and been 3 months with no offroad project of any sort. That will soon change. Shooting to be on the trail once again next fall if all goes well. I'm still a couple months out from actually working on anything due to some home remodeling I am currently...
  20. Big4x4ride

    Project part out

    XJ rear leafs, YJ rear leafs, and a custom toyota rear leaf pack $ 50 per pair. The Chassis itself which is an 88 YJ setup for LS motor/nv4500/np208 Shackle reversed up front. front half of tub with title. frame cut off at rear, and rear tube work has been started 1.75" HREW .120 wall tubing...