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Search results

  1. 72blazer

    CO2 Tank

    Anyone have one they want to part with? 10-15 lb’r. Looking to get some OBA for the Blazer.
  2. 72blazer

    285/70R17 BFGs

    285/70R17 BFGs off my stock JLU (5) total (1) spare is brand new with 0 miles (4) tires have 15k miles with even wear THIS AD IS FOR TIRES ONLY. Going to a bigger tire and don’t need these taking up space. They’ll be off the JLU by 03/14. $700. Shoot me a text. Willing to make someone on...
  3. 72blazer

    Jeep Wave Need Not Apply

    Well...the time for hard core crawling needs a break. I got rid of my crew cab Duramax back in 2018 to build my house. The Blazer has been broken since Robert’s bachelor party shenanigans. I want to plan more trips with my kids before they grow up too quick...they’re already 13, 12, and 10...
  4. 72blazer

    HNY :beer:

    HNY vatos! Got some pork belly, baby backs, beef ribs, and poppers a la RiverRat on the pit. Y’all be safe and cheers!!
  5. 72blazer


    Looking for 4x4 TH350. Let me know if anyone has one or seen one around. :fiddle:
  6. 72blazer

    WTB:::LS 5.3, TH350

    Looking for either or or both. SA or Houston area will work. Thanks.
  7. 72blazer

    Sturgill Simpson Tickets 9/9 Austin

    Anyone interested? Babysitter shit canned my plans to go see him Saturday. Been waiting over a year and a half to see him but no go. I have 2 tickets.
  8. 72blazer


    Selling a WiiU my kids don't play anymore. Just collects dust. Comes with 8 games. 2 controls. 2 steering wheels. 2 nunchucks. All cords. $300 obo. Might trade for pretty much anything. Gun stuff really interests me Could put cash towards the right trade.
  9. 72blazer

    TR WolfCaves 4/21-22/2017

    I'm finally getting some down time to give a trail report from this past weekend. Let me just say this place only keeps getting better. Really my favorite place to go wheel right now. Friday: I woke up at 4 am to hit the road by 5 am. It was only my son and I loaded up so with no wimmin...
  10. 72blazer

    Clearing sale

    Buddy is clearing out stuff he doesn't need. All stuff is in Edinburg, can possibly help with delivery, pics on request, and all is OBO 1) SM465/205 combo $350 2) 60s/70s Dodge 1 ton axles with closed knuckles $300 3) '78 f150 Dana 44 $300 4) wagoner/ cherokee D44 $300 5) '02 Blazer 4 door...
  11. 72blazer

    April Crawl/ WC Run

    Anyone planning to make it April 22 weekend? Really wanting to make it. ProjectFreedom said he might be down.
  12. 72blazer

    '72 Blazer

    Think it's time to turn a new page and unload this rig. Might build a 2 seater later on, but for now, I need to concentrate on building a house so the toy that sits the most is up first. '72 Blazer based rockcrawler 350/ TH350/ 203-LoMax via NWF doubler Rear HAD shaft and front HD square shaft...
  13. 72blazer

    Worst case scenario?

    When I pulled the spindle off the knuckle, I had to drill out three of the counter sunk bolts because I couldn't break them lose and one of those three actually stripped. So from now until Turkey Run, I basically only have three free days to get the blazer ready. Actually realistically one free...
  14. 72blazer

    URGENT: 2 1/2 Rockwell Driver Shaft

    Anyone have one or know of someone with one? Please let me know. Thanks. Driver side steer complete axle shaft.
  15. 72blazer

    99 7.3 tow rig and 95 f350 crawler

    1995 f350 Freshly rebuilt 351w on Propane T-19, 1356 t case Spicer 1350 cv driveshafts f&r Kingpin 60 1350 yoke Yukon 35 spline inner and outer Yukon locking hubs Yukon 5.38 f&r Spartan locker Crossover steering Sterling 10.5 full spool HD Diff covers Foa 2.5 front shocks bilstien rears...
  16. 72blazer

    Upcoming Trips

    Planning to go to Valley-Houston-Dallas-Houston-Valley Oct 21 weekend. Should be able to haul small/ non greasy stuff. Planning to go Valley-SA-Austin-SA-Valley Nov 4 weekend. Should be able to haul small/ non greasy stuff. Planning to go Valley-Freer-Valley Nov 17-19. Should be able to...
  17. 72blazer

    2008 GMC Duramax

    SOLD Looking to move on from this truck if there's a buyer. No rush or need to sell it so just looking to see if there's any interest. I'd like to move into a 11+ Duramax down the road. 2008 GMC Duramax LS crew cab short bed 4x4 I purchased this truck used in 2014 with just under 75K miles...
  18. 72blazer

    Son shooting Steel Match

    https://youtu.be/Axj4WHFqTmo :beer:
  19. 72blazer

    When to throw in the towel?

    Been going back and forth lately on selling the Blazer...which means selling the trailer...which means selling the Duramax...which means getting a fawking Prius. Guess this is more of a vent thread. Started wrenching tonight to cruise the Blazer around next weekend for Christmas. Have a 24"...
  20. 72blazer

    2016 wheeling

    Anyone hear on dates for K2 yet? Want to try to plan something for January. :beer: