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Search results

  1. OleCoot

    Home repairs

    when we had the floors updated,we found termite & water damage. This weekend begins the repairs to all that with a small front porch added.
  2. OleCoot

    Welding cart

    Finishing up my welding cart...🤟
  3. OleCoot

    SBC 350 HO Crate engine

    Got this when I bought the 57's, been stored inside ever since. $800.00
  4. OleCoot

    TBI 350 with standalone harness and ECM

    selling the 350 from the CJ. oil pan to intake, fan to flywheel. Engine only $500, with harness and ecm, $700.
  5. OleCoot

    24 Hell & Back Trail Challenge at Rugged Mountain Ranch

    this is gonna be good.. :beer::thumbsup:
  6. OleCoot

    Missing Posts

    during a upgrade the system, experienced a crash. after trying to restore from a snapshot which failed also, I had to do a restore from a 4 day old backup. So any posts that have disappeared, that is why. :mad: Sorry for the bad news...
  7. OleCoot

    Corona outbreak 2020

  8. OleCoot

    Blue on Black

  9. OleCoot

    Home Gym

    how many on here have a home gym? I started mine when we were at our old place by China Grove, when we bought this place with the big shop I began adding on to it. before now it looks like this... :D I mostly just do powerlifting. I do enjoy it.
  10. OleCoot

    Trees Ranch 2020 Dates

    June 19-21 Labor Day September 3-7 October 9-11
  11. OleCoot

    RiverRat, you ready Vato

  12. OleCoot

    Moonrocks 2020

  13. OleCoot

    Nice Wheeling video

  14. OleCoot

    Goat Built LJ Chassis build

    6.9.20 purchased the Goat built LJ chassis kit 115" WB. with fixture kit. I already have the Subframe assembly, engine mounts. The drive train as of this writing will be TBI 350, 700r4, Atlas 2 4:3 60 and 14 bolt with 5:13 on some type of 42's and beadlocks. plan is a dual purpose rig so I...
  15. OleCoot

    TJ tub with Title

    Does not need to be pristine condition, I only need the cowl, dash, and rockers, and the rear top corners for the top. Title is a must
  16. OleCoot

    Pitt Bull Tires

    grapevine says Pitt Bull tires has gone way down... anybody got the latest gossip?
  17. OleCoot

    17x9.5 8 lug beadlocks

    anybody got some they wanna get rid of cheap ?
  18. OleCoot

    Welding table

    two of em jumped in ma truck today...
  19. OleCoot

    lost car found

    Car B Que
  20. OleCoot

    Trailer for sale $3000.00

    River Rat is selling his Car Hauler --- I'll post the dimensions when he sends them over. 16' long 7'wide