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Search results

  1. mudnmyvayne

    Help finding a person/rig

    I'm wanting to try and buy a 2wd toyota pu off a member on pirate4x4. My username and password are useless now,so I'm hoping someone on here can put me in contact with the fella.. The white shadow. In east Bernard tx Any help would be appreciated...thanks.
  2. mudnmyvayne

    Stand alone GPS vs. IPad

    I have been holding off on buying a GPS for a couple of years now. It just seems like the technology is moving pretty fast right now. I was set on a Lowrance unit until I looked into using a iPad. With a app such as Leadnav, Gaia or motionX the iPad can do all the GPS can and more...
  3. mudnmyvayne

    Project rig

    Looking for a cheap project rig to tinker with the next couple of years. Chevy,ford,dodge,toyota,jeep..... Something mostly stock left in a field somewhere and forgotten.
  4. mudnmyvayne

    Yukon Zip locker Vs. ARB ??

    Opinions? Lies? Truths? Looking to minimize steering radius. Seems like a great place to start...?
  5. mudnmyvayne

    Longfield Shafts

    Longfield 30 spline inner axle shafts toyota pu & 4runner length Located in Dumas Tx $250
  6. mudnmyvayne

    New Members

    I have talked to several people who are having issues registering on the board. The problem I hear most is no conformation email. I have told those with that issue to check junk mail and such. Another issue I have heard, is the board not recognizing the user password. While this could...
  7. mudnmyvayne

    Would any of the big 3 survive?

  8. mudnmyvayne

    LH Remington 700

    Title says the most important details. Looking for Left Handed Remington 700 Not picky on caliber.
  9. mudnmyvayne

    Long Distance & XLD

    What ya use? Likes? Dislikes? Im getting pretty tight groups with my trusty sling shot & want to step it up a notch.
  10. mudnmyvayne

    My humble opinion

    FUCK Omightybama and his damn health care act. My previous rates were a bit hard to stomach, but gotta have it. Agreed to a $12/month rate increase for the next year and was told next year would be bad. Got my letter that this years agreed rates were only a estimate..... New rates...
  11. mudnmyvayne

    39" krawler

    I need a spare tire for my buggy. Looking for a well used but still usable 39" krawler. Sticky or non , either is fine.
  12. mudnmyvayne

    12,000# Warn

    12k warn winch for sale. Too big for my projects. Asking $750 May trade for a 8274 or a 14blt ARB
  13. mudnmyvayne

    cheap tires wanted

    Looking for a set of 4 235/75R15
  14. mudnmyvayne

    Casino Action

    Any one else play? Horse races? Sports betting? I enjoy pushing my luck from time to time...now and then it even pays. Taking a trip up to Dodge City this weekend just to get out of town. But would rather be going Vegas or the like.
  15. mudnmyvayne

    chevy tug

    I towed with chevys for many years...but now tow with a tundra. Just saying....
  16. mudnmyvayne


    I guess after 10+ years I'll stick with the same tag... Name is Evan... Like all forms of wheelin... But current love is rock humping.