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Search results

  1. cj7


    Good. :) hope it stays that way
  2. cj7


    covid-19 numbers and maps.. https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6
  3. cj7

    JKU lift??

    Congrats! On the new ride. Im clueless on the jk stuffs tho. 🧙‍♂️
  4. cj7


    Been working from home since the 13th. Trying to stay active and not graze all the time. Having a home gym is a huge help.
  5. cj7

    lost car found

    Car B Que
  6. cj7

    Trailer for sale $3000.00

    River Rat is selling his Car Hauler --- I'll post the dimensions when he sends them over. 16' long 7'wide
  7. cj7

    Getting back in the seat finally with a new rig... big thanks to my brother and Jeff!

    Nice!! Now go wheel it! :thumbsup: :stirring:
  8. cj7

    Jeep Wave Need Not Apply

    this is my long term plan also. Get a nice streetable rig where we can go to the beach, big bend, etc and enjoy the trips while still being able to get out and do stuffs.
  9. cj7

    89 XJ

    ha! yup, that's how is usually happens.. runs forever till somebody is watching.. :thumbsup:
  10. cj7

    Jeep Wave Need Not Apply

    Bwahahahaha Welcome to the Dark Side
  11. cj7

    Getting back in the seat finally with a new rig... big thanks to my brother and Jeff!

    Congrats!! :ssp-clangrats::thumbsup:
  12. cj7

    Wanted - 98 Toyota Tacoma Parts

    its looking good too :sha-thumb2:
  13. cj7

    Project, Low & Slow

    Badass!! you have done good, young Jedi... :thumbsup::rock:
  14. cj7

    Project, Low & Slow

    Shakedown run Memorial Weekend, right :stirring:
  15. cj7


    :beerchug: :thumbsup: HNY Jeff
  16. cj7

    HNY :beer:

    Happy New Year Ever body... :smokin: :beer::beerchug::rock::worthless::bbq:.
  17. cj7

    Merry Christmas 2019

    :new-xmas: Merry Christmas everyone. :new-xmas: May you all be blessed and the new year bring prosperity and health for all. :new-xmas: Kenny & Juana
  18. cj7

    Project, Low & Slow

    Nice!! How ya like the toolbox? Been thinking of getting one.
  19. cj7

    Last ride...soon to be Spirit in the sky

    thought about that. I'm not ready to spend that much money on wheeling. If \ when I get the urge to wheel again, I'll probably buy a rig thats done or just needs a little bit of work.
  20. cj7

    Last ride...soon to be Spirit in the sky

    Brought it home so it can move on peacefully to those trails in the sky. RIP ya ornery ole fucker.