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Recent content by Projectfreedom

  1. Projectfreedom

    Trail Report: SJM/ Moab

    Everybody has jokes. From that view I didn’t want to see over the wheel. I didn’t need to see how far I was gonna fall.
  2. Projectfreedom

    Trail Report: SJM/ Moab

    Your friends red Jeep is nice. It was an epic trip for sure. Great memories for us and the kids.
  3. Projectfreedom

    Random new car

    Those are good numbers. She should be good for a low 10 second pass then. Be sure and keep it between the lines.
  4. Projectfreedom

    LS Motors and HP + TQ

    I really like the Texas- Speed stuff. Those guys will answer any questions you have about a cam. You can tell them what your plan is and what mods you have and they’ll point you in the right direction. The right cam is very important. Bigger is not always better.
  5. Projectfreedom

    Random new car

    You’re a man after my heart. I miss my race cars. Good looking fourth gen.
  6. Projectfreedom

    RiverRat, you ready Vato

    Count me in vato!
  7. Projectfreedom

    Jeep Wave Need Not Apply

    You bought a Jeep? When the hell did that happen? I knew you were gonna come out of the closet soon enough. Welcome to the party. Now let’s go to Moab.
  8. Projectfreedom

    Getting back in the seat finally with a new rig... big thanks to my brother and Jeff!

    Sweet. Welcome back to the wheeling community vato.
  9. Projectfreedom

    Toyota Buggy

    It is based on a 94 Toyota pickup. Runs a 4.3 TBI motor, with the stock W56 trans and dual cases 2.8/4.7. The crawl box has the advance adapters heavy duty case. D60/14 bolt. Discs front and rear, welded, 4.10 gears. Front has stock inners, Yukon chromo outers and Yukon super joints with 300m...
  10. Projectfreedom

    BOLO for Original Projectfreedom

    Just curious if anyone has an idea where my old rig ended up. Be on the lookout.
  11. Projectfreedom

    Roswell to RGV

    If anyone needs anything transported between Roswell, NM and the RGV let me know. I'll be traveling down on the 25th of March with an empty bed and trailer. I'll be heading back up around the 31st and will still be empty. I go through San Angelo, Junction, San Antonio, And Corpus.
  12. Projectfreedom

    Parts Ride DFW to Wolf Caves

    I know it's a long shot but is anyone from the Dallas area going to Wolf Caves or K2 for memorial day weekend? I need a ride for some wheels. Let me know please. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Tapatalk
  13. Projectfreedom

    Memorial Day Weekend

    I'm thinking of making a trip back to Texas to do some wheeling with you guys. What is everyone's plan for this weekend? I've heard Trees and then I've heard Wolf Caves. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Tapatalk
  14. Projectfreedom

    Driveshaft parts

    I need to pick your brains guys. I took the jeep out wheeling this weekend, and for the second time I pulled the front shaft apart on an obstacle. It only does it when I am really bound up and the front axle walks forward. It seems my slip is about two to three inches too short. The drive shaft...
  15. Projectfreedom

    WTT built YJ for stock TJ

    Since I got another wheeler I figured I'd try and trade this for a better daily driver that my wife can haul the kids around in. It must be a TJ and tranny doesn't matter. Let me know what you got. 93 yj jeep wrangler, 4.0l automatic, runs good drives good. Has a rebuilt auto trans, rebuilt...