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Recent content by OleCoot

  1. OleCoot

    SMORR Labor Day Weekend

    should be in for 2021....
  2. OleCoot

    Welding Helmets

    it does and I also bought the cheater lens... Man what a differnece it makes when you can see what you are doing... lol :chrfal:
  3. OleCoot

    Home repairs

    when we had the floors updated,we found termite & water damage. This weekend begins the repairs to all that with a small front porch added.
  4. OleCoot

    Welding cart

    Stuff added.... :smokin:
  5. OleCoot

    SBC 350 HO Crate engine

    Pics... They had bought it for their 57 Chevy, ran it for a short time, took the car apart to restore. The Dad got sick and passed away. I had to buy the cars to get the motor.
  6. OleCoot

    Welding cart

    Finishing up my welding cart...🤟
  7. OleCoot

    Scout buggy build

    Ryan, are you still running the FOA Coilovers? if so how ya like them?
  8. OleCoot

    SBC 350 HO Crate engine

    I'll grab some pics this morning
  9. OleCoot

    SBC 350 HO Crate engine

    Got this when I bought the 57's, been stored inside ever since. $800.00
  10. OleCoot

    TBI 350 with standalone harness and ECM

    selling the 350 from the CJ. oil pan to intake, fan to flywheel. Engine only $500, with harness and ecm, $700.
  11. OleCoot


  12. Project LJ

    Project LJ

    the LJ build
  13. 20200622_204637.jpg


  14. 20200622_204621.jpg


  15. 20200622_204610.jpg