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Recent content by Big4x4ride

  1. Big4x4ride

    Th350 4x4 transmission

    I'll have a good 700r4 coming out of mine in a couple months. Nothing wrong with it
  2. Big4x4ride

    RiverRat, you ready Vato

    Ive been wanting to do this, I already go to Reno at least once every 3 years, so I could piggyback a trip to the Con at the same time.
  3. Big4x4ride


    Normal routine for me, no extra days off/at home yet this year.
  4. Big4x4ride

    H1 8 bolt outer rings

    Anyone have a set of 8 bolt outer rings laying around they dont need? Seems the 8 bolt stuff is hard to find now, it all 12/24 bolt out there.
  5. Big4x4ride


    Business as usual at work for me.
  6. Big4x4ride

    For Sale

    You happen to have any H1 8 bolt outer rings you want to get rid of? Just need rings, but they arent as plentiful as they once were.
  7. Big4x4ride

    Just a little TJ

    Nothing planned right now until maybe Memorial Day, but not sure where. In the process of doing some stuff at the house, and preparing to have a pool installed so I havent touched the Jeep since early December. Here in a couple of weeks Im planning on getting the new skidplate installed, and...
  8. Big4x4ride

    Jeep Wave Need Not Apply

    Best thing I did was get a streetable rig. More use in a month then the wheeling rigs got in a year.
  9. Big4x4ride

    Project, Low & Slow

    What are you thinking for finished weight on this?
  10. Big4x4ride

    3 link / Radius Arm parts

  11. Big4x4ride

    3 link / Radius Arm parts

    All items located in Corpus Christi TX 78418. Link parts, all new from Ruffstuff (purchased 7-17-2018) 1- Offset Axle Panhard bracket Retails for $29.80 1- Radius arm bracket pair Retails for $34.00 1- Frame outside panhard bracket Retails for $26.80 1- Chassis link bracket pair Retails for...
  12. Big4x4ride

    RCI 2161A Fuel Cell

    I have a RCI 2161A Fuel Cell, barely a year old, has had about 100 gallons of fuel or so run through it. Also have the Barnes 4wd fuel cell mounts/brackets for it, and have the correct Auto Meter Phantom 2 1/16" Fuel gauge for it as well. Everything is barely a year old. I'd prefer to sell it...
  13. Big4x4ride

    Just a little TJ

    So a year has gone by almost since the last update. Jeep has been driven about 1500 miles or so over the past year, working out all the little kinks. Took a little longer to get moved into the new house and get the old one ready to sell and sold so I was in a rush to get things done as Summer...
  14. Big4x4ride

    Odessa area

    We have anyone in the Odessa area that may be coming to Corpus, or at least somewhere closer to Corpus that could haul a couple of Jeep doors with them?
  15. Big4x4ride

    Just a little TJ

    So after seeing my wheeling rig sit 360+ days a year, and my wife and daughter both not really enjoying going wheeling, I decided to make it streetable so it could be used more. During the teardown for mods I found the driverside frame rail busted in half, and the frame rusting internally...