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Recent content by 72blazer

  1. 72blazer

    Goat Built LJ Chassis build

    You’ll out wheel us. Let’s do it!
  2. 72blazer

    Jeep Wave Need Not Apply

    It’s no LS but I’m really surprised how well it drives. It’ll pull hard and keep up with traffic with ease. Would it be better on 4.88s? Yes. Is it a priority? No. With the 4.10s and the HikeIt, this thing is badass. The HikeIt really woke up the low end acceleration points. My buddy has...
  3. 72blazer

    Goat Built LJ Chassis build

    Leaving to Colorado Thursday. Join us!
  4. 72blazer


    Ah damn! That’s sexy. Always liked these FJ40s.
  5. 72blazer

    Jeep Wave Need Not Apply

    Hard wired the cargo light in. Installed a Rugged Ridge third brake and made my license brake light removable. I’m done and ready. Going to try to test the flex this weekend. But I’m starting to load up. Also took the kids and wife out to Sal Del Rey last week without the top on. Good...
  6. 72blazer

    Jeep Wave Need Not Apply

    Considered one of those new blazers but it’s a piece of crap. Still need to find another first gen down the road.
  7. 72blazer

    Getting back in the seat finally with a new rig... big thanks to my brother and Jeff!

    When you heading out there again? Been trying to find somewhere local to stretch the Rubicon suspension
  8. 72blazer

    Barnwell Mountain in Gilmer Tx

    BTW I didn’t know anyone wheeled on here anymore. :flipoff:
  9. 72blazer

    Barnwell Mountain in Gilmer Tx

    Dayum! :cool::fiddle::smokin:
  10. 72blazer

    Welding table

    I need to pick up a new welder. My son wants to learn. Hopefully once this covid crap passes and work picks up again.
  11. 72blazer

    Jeep Wave Need Not Apply

    Took the top off. Like to get the kids to enjoy it this weekend before we go full top for the trip. Built a road trip temporary gun storage since we will be maxed out in space for the trip. I mean I’m storing my recovery gear...
  12. 72blazer

    Garage workings

    I’m in the same boat but with my house. Finished building last July, moved in August, and then got super busy with work. After Beer Flu hit, I spent the first month boozing everyday until I realized I had a lot of work to do. Cleared a bunch of brush, cleaned out some remaining construction...
  13. 72blazer

    Well new rig...so i got a buggy

    Ah got you.
  14. 72blazer

    Well new rig...so i got a buggy

    I’m confused. What happened to the other Jeep?
  15. 72blazer


    Hidalgo County has a curfew going into affect, and they started issuing out mandatory stay at home orders for anyone testing positive with a at home visit to serve people their court orders. Our facility just had three employees test positive and one of my direct coworkers just started showing...