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  1. Concrete in SA

    Quote Originally Posted by cj7 View Post
    Who in San Antonio does concrete work? need to get a quote

    Check with Zuki George Vato. ..
  2. March Member Of The Month.

    Woot woot I'm your March 2014 MOTM.
    How I got into the sport really goes back to the mid 80's. Not into Rock Crawling back then but building and fabricating never the less. My Passion for building..guess you can say I was born to build.
    1970 Nova's and street racing was the norm. 383 Stroker, Muncie 4 speed, Mr. Gasket V gate shifter, disk brakes and a aluminum Radiator was the brunt of it. shaved molding sporting Corvette rims, rear was widen 1" for a sleeper look. All of my ...
  3. November Member of the Month - how I got here.....

    First off - I am so honored! I truly love the sport of rock crawling, so thank you for thinking of me in this manner!

    The path that brought me here really begins with my country upbringing.....I grew up on a small place in the country, so being outdoors working and playing is how life was for me. My dad taught me at an early age to drive stick in an old 47 Dodge truck with those cool wrap around windows. Wish I had that truck today! Anyway, basically I was always a tomboy! When ...
  4. Member of the month-September.

    Thanks for the votes guys!

    I've been into offroading since I got my first 3 wheeler at the age of 5. Been hooked ever since. I love this sport and the people in it. I've meet and wheeled with a lot of you and hope to meet more in the years to come. Thanks for being my second family. Thanks again.

  5. My blog / diary / about weight loss, better health, weddings, dogs, drinking, & life

    updates are at the bottom...

    So my goal is to be @ 250lbs on Feb 16th 2015 on -1000 Calories per day. I'll try to keep this updated daily. I don't know which will be harder.. this or quitting g.. as I have to do both.. or start growing flowers.

    cj7 - 10-17-2013 08:29 AM

    Well I blew the diet to hell n gone last weekend.. but it was worth it.

    On another note, I am beginning to notice a slight difference in how things fit.. ...

    Updated 01-23-2018 at 06:14 PM by cj7

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